The Process



Every person involved in the process is dear. Marbella - the skillful and radiant Mayan seamstress and her family became my family in the 9 years we work together, the small atelier in Rajastan owned by two thoughtful sisters is a paradise for ethical designers, Purnata organization that helps end human trafficking allowed me to participate in this significant cause by working with women that were given a second chance in life - I had a whole lot to learn from their smiles, and the honor of bringing even more meaning to my work continues expanding my heart..  Una, the rainbow-girl of an assistant, helps with the artisans in Mexico.. Melissa and Rhea allow the vision to translate beautifully online .. the skillful masters, the honest suppliers, the talented photographers, the gorgeous muses, the brilliant advisors and the infinite friends - thank you ! everyone who believed in this vision and shared their time and energy along the way, and of course, deep gratitude to the loyal and supportive customers who are the reason, the sustainers and the co-creators of this Love-Wear - each person's well-being matters, each opinion counts, each critic or compliment is important.

Every piece of fabric we use is thoroughly chosen, the humans who made it and who they are made for, the footprint, the environment in which it was created and the vibration they will carry. Sometimes there are few meters of vintage or remnant fabric found that would be enough for just one garment, and other times we work with organic and hand-loomed artisanal textiles - always from carefully selected sustainable providers, always natural.

We believe that adorning in beautiful, comfortable, unity-consciousness infused and environmentally attuned attire helps each one to experience their wholeness and divinity, playfully revealing different archetypes of oneself in an authentic way.

We see people transform in front of our eyes when trying on these garments. And when we hear you say you feel like your True Self, feeling free and simultaneously hugged by all the energy of love that was poured into what now adorns and touches your body, we simply can not be happier to play part in such transformation. 

Thank you for choosing love.