Meet Yeva



I was born on Volga River to the non-religious Russian parents of Jewish, Slavic-Ukrainian and Gypsy ancestry. I grew up in the Ural Mountains just below the Siberia..  as well as in the reforested swamps of Emek Israel and on the Carmel Mountain by the Mediterranean Sea - in my teen age. 

I’ve been traveling all my life, staying long in each country - by both destiny and choice  - absorbing the cultures and naturally co-creating deep heart-bonds wherever I stayed - from Europe to the United States, from Turkey to India, from Mexico to Africa.. remembering in my cells and through this life experience that Love is Freedom..

Gradually I evolved from feeling belonging nowhere to knowing deep belonging everywhere - Mother Nature and Father Spirit being my guides.


My mom Anoushka taught me how to sew when I was 6 years old. I was creating clothing for myself occasionally, finding what I like in Burda Moden Magazine and later, remodeling vintage or traditional patterns I would find in my travels around the world.

Thanks to my papa Vadim, I was inspired by the Silk-Road travelers. They were free. Free in their bodies - thanks to the generous fluid shapes and natural textiles. Free in their minds - thanks to the inner peace that being attuned to nature creates. Free on their way - thanks to packing lightly and wisely - their garments layered, representing all aspects of the True Self and therefore, fitting any occasion and any weather. Quality, comfort, authenticity or beauty were not compromised. 


I became inspired to start making clothes again when I turned 30, during my process of re-committing to unconditional self-love as well as love for our universe, which I realized were the same thing. 

One day I was hosting a party, and my friends asked me to dress them up using my collection of vintage clothes. Suddenly I saw the energy of the party transforming into a beautiful fairly tale - everyone reappearing like their True and Whole Selves, beaming light and delicate confidence inside out.. The musicians too seemed to be affected by everyone’s uplifting presence, so the whole melody of the gathering transmuted into playful magic, in the most natural, effortless, joyful, unique to the moment way…  

There I had an epiphany that creating beauty is creating harmony.


Falling in love with myself came with realization that staying true to my values is a constant process of co-creative re-alignment. I learned to see divinity through all its different dimensions of everyone and everything, and I had to share what I saw. Beauty being my language, uniting worlds on all levels being my purpose. Integrity - my compass. Wholeness - my experience. All-empowering freedom dress-alchemy - my present.